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Dôme des Invalides

“Décor d’Illusion” by Paul B. ELSEN

In a world in which innovative developments follow each other at breakneck speed and social contacts take more and more place online, the need for personal experience is increasing.
After a long career in the world of Parisian haute couture, Paul devoted himself a few years ago to designing and manufacturing special art from cardboard.
Art that certainly does not evoke an association with cardboard at first impression, but which nevertheless has the unique properties of this material.

Characteristics that are also expressed from his inspiration, mission and vision to create objects with attention to the world that are “honest” and contribute to a sustainable world.
Although Dutch by nationality, he was born in Antwerp and grew up in Salzburg.

At the invitation of Hubert de Givenchy, Paul ended up in Paris where he worked for several at renowned fashion houses before eventually running his own atelier as a couturier. The cradle of his inspiration which led to a career spanning almost 35 years in Paris.

Fashion and art are and will remain inextricably linked for him. He has managed to convert his many years of experience in haute couture into art that unmistakably bears his signature.

His love for art and history led him to “haute-cartonnage”, art that not only has appearance, provides functionality, but above all is enriched with “witty details” that give an idiosyncratic contribution to the art.

The masculinity of cardboard is given a very feminine interpretation, in which a “dash of elegance” radiates from the art.
It is a challenge for Paul to take objects out of an art-historical context and then to give them his own interpretation, whether classical or modern.

Bogaard Art

Natascha Veenstra



Materiaal : karton in brute vorm, verguld/verzilverd of gelakt nagelang u keuze

Prijzen en levertijd op aanvraag
Customized mogelijk.

Material : raw card board, gold-plated/silver-plated or lacquered according to your choice

Prices and delivery time on request
Customized possible.

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