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The Muses



Paul B. Elsen is not only known as a Visual Artist but has spend most time of his career in fashion, more particularly in Haute Couture.

He considers himself very lucky to have worked with many of the famous models during the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s.

As he says, being a child of the YSL generation….he felt especially

inspired by these elegant and exotic models who have marked fashion throughout those years.

Only some names like Amalia Vairelli, Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid, Katoucha Niane,

Ann-Fiona Scolley, Mounia Orosemane, Dalma Callado, Kadija Adam,

Rebecca Ayoko, Pat Cleveland, Anna Bayle, Tyra Banks, Kirat Young,

Chrystelle Saint Louis Augustin, Rosalind Johnson, Sherry Gordon 

and so many more……

What a lovely tribute to these wonderful and beautiful women.



Materiaal karton

Levertijd op aanvraag
Customized mogelijk.

Afmeting  20 x 24 x 5,5 cm /20 x 20 x 6 cm


Material carton board

Delivery time on request
Customized possible

Dimensions 20 x 24 x 5,5 cm /  20 x 20 x 6cm



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